Never Too Late

Happy Friday, readers. It’s time once more for Friday Fictioneers. As always, a special thank you goes out to Rochelle for providing us with our weekly prompt. This week’s photo is by Bjorn Rudberg. If you’d like to read more stories inspired by this prompt, you can check them out here. Enjoy!

Copyright: Bjorn Rudberg
Copyright: Bjorn Rudberg

Never Too Late

“Do you play, son?”

The question startled Joseph out of his reverie. He had been watching the older gentleman at the table across from him strum on a guitar, unconsciously fingering along.

He gave the man a half smile. “Not for a while now.”

“Why not?”

A hurried marriage. A baby too soon. Too many bills. A time consuming, dead end job. “Not enough time,” Joseph said with the same smile.

“Nunca es tarde para aprender.”

“Pardon me?”

The old man held out the guitar. “It’s never too late to learn. Or in your case, relearn. Live while you can.”

9 thoughts on “Never Too Late

      1. Hello! Just wanna let you know that the literal translation of the Spanish part says “It is never late to learn.” If you want to have it translate appropriately, you can write “Nunca es demasiado tarde para aprender.” Hope that helps! :]

      2. Hi! Actually I did know that was the literal translation, however, I figured that that would be the more natural Spanish translation, because I know English is sometimes awkward translated into other languages. Thanks for the help!

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