A Hopeless Case

Happy Friday! It’s time again for Friday Fictioneers. I apologize for my absence, dear people of the blogging world. I hope to be getting back to you more regularly again soon. Thanks for hanging with me. Enjoy today’s tiny tale, inspired by Rochelle’s prompt and Renee Heath’s photo!

Copyright: Renee Heath
Copyright: Renee Heath


A Hopeless Case

“Someone left here in a hurry about a week ago,” said Detective Inspector Alan Barnett, surveying the tiny one bedroom apartment with a trained eye.

“You can’t know that for sure,” protested Charlie, the newest recruit to the force. He had been shadowing Barnett for days, and quite frankly, Alan was sick of him. He sighed.

“First clue. The lights in the kitchen and bedroom were on.”

“She could have forgotten to turn them off.”

“Second clue. Expired milk.”

“Maybe she doesn’t drink a lot of milk.”

Alan rolled his eyes. It was hopeless even mentioning the still-burning candle.


16 thoughts on “A Hopeless Case

  1. I’m going to take Charlie’s side! I reckon Barnett should be a bit more patient with the poor lad. Barnett did look round with a “trained eye”, after all – someone must have taken the time to train him!

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