Six Word Stories – May

Hello! It’s time for Six on Six—teenth! I’ve fallen a little behind in my writing this month, but there is still time to join in on Adam Ickes prompt! This month the prompt words are rainbow, flask, war, tiny, insane, and pink. Enjoy my tiny tales based on these prompt words below!

six words graphic
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Paint It Again

Green, yellow, blue – she couldn’t decide.

Just Water for Me

On Monday, she hid the wine.

Wrong Again

Three kinds of soap, all wrong.

The Tiniest Thing

She barely fills my two hands.

Who Needs Sleep

Up and down. Crying in between.

Her Mother Says No

My daughter will not wear pink.





6 thoughts on “Six Word Stories – May

  1. I’m partial to the paint one. With so many colors available it’s a wonder anyone can decide, but I hate painting so first choice always stays unless it’s really, really bad.

    1. I like painting – just not the cleaning that goes with it. I don’t find it hard to decide though – once I pick a color there’s little chance I won’t like it.

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