Those Birds Are Not For Eating

Happy Friday, Readers! Welcome to the ever-exciting, Friday Fictioneers, led by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s photo is provided by Kent Bonham. As promised, I’ve gone with a happier tone this week and brought back some familiar characters. Enjoy!

Copyright: Kent Bonham.
Copyright: Kent Bonham.

Those Birds Are Not For Eating

“Grumpkin is eating my birds,” Sonia announced as she marched into Hal’s room without knocking. Hal jumped then groaned as ink spread over the field notes he had been copying. Two hours of work. Wasted. He glanced at the little troll sitting peacefully in the corner.

“Where’s your proof?”

“He’s a troll. I don’t need proof,” Sonia snapped.

“Yes you do. Grumpkin knows better.”

“I don’t think so”, Sonia started, but suddenly Grumpkin interrupted.

“Birds not for eating. Cats eat birds, so Grumpkin eats cats.” He grinned toothily.

Hal snorted. “See? Told you Grumpkin didn’t eat your birds.”

Sonia screamed.

* * * * *

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23 thoughts on “Those Birds Are Not For Eating

  1. I reckon the cats ate the birds and then Grumpkin ate the cats, so he sort of ate the birds second-hand.
    I hope the cats didn’t belong to Sonia as well 😦
    Fun story!

  2. Dear Tiffany,

    No home should be without a troll. But I wouldn’t bother getting a cat.

    The thought of two hours of work destroyed by an ink spill made me cringe. I once destroyed a sofa with a bottle of India ink. I felt his pain.

    Cute story.



    1. Rochelle,
      You’re absolutely right. If not a troll, then at least a little goblin. Grumpkin shares your opinion on cats.

      Oh I know. Hal must have infinite patience…to deal with Sonia. Haha.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Dear Tiffany,

    Sound like troll is on the menu. If he’s not cooked to taste, feed him to a dog. They’ll eat anything. I liked the story. Quite a fantastical piece, yet it sounded quite real to the MC’s. Good job.



    1. Dear Doug,
      I don’t think Hal would ever let that happen, not matter what Sonia did. In the backwards way of trolls, Grumpkin was only trying to help. Thanks for reading!

    1. I think so too. Unfortunately, Sonia doesn’t share our opinion. I’m not quite sure…For now, I think Grumpkin likes being small. (it means Hal will carry him).
      Thanks for reading,

    1. Sonia screamed (most likely) out of frustration, (possibly) horror, and because she is a drama queen. As for how big trolls grow…Hal isn’t too sure. He thinks Grumpkin could grow to be quite large, maybe even bigger than Hal himself if, but only if he wants to. Creatures of magical background can be fickle things.

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