Lazy or Contrary?

Happy late Friday! The day is almost over, but it’s not too late for Friday Fictioneers! As always, special thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who provides us with these weekly prompts. Today’s photo credit is due to Douglas M. MacIlroy. Enjoy my story for the week. And if that’s not enough, be sure to stop by and check out these other awesome entries here!

Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy.
Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy.

Lazy or Contrary?

“Why aren’t you drawing, Josef?”

I rolled my eyes. Teachers asked the stupidest questions sometimes.

I shrugged and turned up the music on my iPod. Ms. Carlee sighed. I wasn’t sure why she acted so disappointed. We repeated this conversation every art class since Gran made me start taking them when summer started.

I actually liked drawing. My only mistake was sharing that with Gran, who seemed to think I needed to “hone my skills” with lessons.

“You have talent, Josef. Use it,” she told me nearly everyday.

I flicked my pencil across the desk. I’ll draw on my time.

21 thoughts on “Lazy or Contrary?

  1. At least he is going to draw. And even grandmothers have to continue to learn how best to encourage the young. There’s always another lesson to be learnt. I know. Nice story.

    1. Yes. I suppose he’ll make his own way, and maybe, just maybe that rebellious streak will grow of of him. (or he’ll grow out of it?) Then he’ll realize his grandmother was only trying to help. Thanks for reading.

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