Space Junk

It’s Friday again already! Or is it finally? Probably feels like both. Either way, it’s time again for Friday Fictioneers! As always, a special thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who provides the prompts each week, and thanks too to Sandra Cook, who gave us this week’s photo. Want to read more story responses to this prompt? Find them here. Enjoy!

Copyright: Sandra Cook
Copyright: Sandra Cook

Space Junk

Space Station Nue Vista, Year 2567

“Ash, tell me again why we’re down here? It’s filthy. Zed’s nose crinkled as he looked around the dim chutes of rubbish surrounding them. “And it stinks.”

“Stop being such a baby. I told you, there are valuable things down here. Stuff from Earth One.” Ashlin continued rummaging in the mountains of garbage.

“Don’t be ridiculous. All that stuff was incinerated ages ago.”

“Not in these chutes.”

Zed snorted. “How did you even find out about these anyway?”

The sudden piercing wail of the alarm stopped her from answering. “Time to go!” she yelled.

13 thoughts on “Space Junk

  1. “R2, shut down all the garbage compactors on the detention level!”

    Okay, so I guess they’re maybe in danger of being incinerated rather than squished. I expect stuff from Earth One is worth a pretty penny to take such a chance.

    1. I would agree, except there must have been a reason why nothing has been incinerated yet…(I did play with the idea of keeping a dragon down there to do the burning…a garbage hoard instead of gold! Haha…but I couldn’t fit it into the 100 limit. Ah well, next time.)
      Thanks for reading!

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