Mother Knows Best

Happy Friday, dear Readers! Welcome to the first Friday of 2015. Sadly, there is no new prompt for Friday Fictioneers this week, as Rochelle has decided to extend last week’s Friday Fictioneer prompt to this week as well due to the holidays. So in lieu of a new prompt, I have decided to continue the story from last week. If you missed it, read it now! It’s called Maternal Obligations.

Copyright: Bjorn Rudberg
Copyright: Bjorn Rudberg

Mother Knows Best

The woman sneered, though strangely it did not mar her beautiful face. “You’re late.”

“I came as quickly as I could, Mother. You must know–”

“Save your excuses. See that it doesn’t happen again. I cannot remain in this world long.” She turned her attention to Maud, who was chasing the will-of-the-wisps that had followed her grandmother into the mortal realm. She nodded approvingly. “I sense her magic is growing strong. She should return with me so I can begin her training.”

“No!” Maud’s mother snapped, causing Rohan to scream again. “I will die before I let you take her.”


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