Not Lost

It’s Friday again, dear readers, and that means Friday Fictioneers! Thanks as usual, to the fabulous Rochelle who provides our prompts, and this week to Georgia Koch for the photo. Enjoy the story!

Copyright: Georgia Koch
Copyright: Georgia Koch

Not Lost


Miles from the inland, there is an island where no one goes.

Two months ago, Da’s ship went down on a routine trip. Everyone says he’s lost forever, but I know Da is still alive.

He’s on the island.

Mama says I’m being selfish, but Ronan is almost a man and Gilda will be married soon. They’ll take care of Mama.

She tells me I’ll be lost too and that I’m crazy to think my skiff will make it anywhere.

She’s wrong.

Da is alive. And if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to bring our Da home.


26 thoughts on “Not Lost

    1. Thanks Amy! And what I just realized about this is that I never specify what gender the narrator is…so it’s open for interpretation. I had imagined a young man, but reading your comment I can picture a strong young woman too. Thanks for reading!

  1. I like this character, and his determination not to give up without trying to find his Da. But I can’t help feelling some tension underlying his bravado. Mother may be right. Well written.

    1. There’s definitely some tension going on here, especially between him and his mother. I think part of his determination stems from wanting to prove her wrong. Thanks for reading!

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