It’s Electric

Happy Friday evening, dear Readers! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. If not, well, let’s end it on a (hopefully) better note. (Haha, you’ll get the pun later.) Friday Fictioneers! Led by the glorious Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, we Fictioneers set off with a photo by Ted Strutz. Enjoy.

Copyright: Ted Strutz
Copyright: Ted Strutz

It’s Electric

Kyle had never worked harder in his life.

All summer long he mowed lawns and raked grass until his skin was tanned brown and his whole body ached as he fell into bed at night. He walked dogs, washed cars and helped old Mrs. Banks keep her garden.

He saved every penny, despite his friends’ pleading he come out with them and live a little.

Many times he was tempted, but with the image of a Fender Stratocaster in his mind his resolve held.

The strum of those first chords was the most satisfying victory song he had ever heard.


24 thoughts on “It’s Electric

  1. I’ve been playing guitar for six years now and I can tell you that the feeling of owning one with your hard-earned savings is conveyed in it’s simplest essence by your last sentence 🙂

  2. Dear Tiffany! Excellent story and I love it that he worked so hard to get it. He’s a good kid and deserves speakers for his birthday or Christmas – which ever comes first! Good job! Nan

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