Moonlight Rendezvous

Happy Friday, Readers! Welcome again to Friday Fictioneers! Led by the wonderful Rochelle, this week we have an intriguing photo by Melanie Greenwood for our prompt. I love it! I think it is fitting to my state of mind this week. Enjoy my story! Check out other entries here.

Copyright by Melanie Greenwood.
Copyright by Melanie Greenwood.
Moonlight Rendezvous

The lawn was bathed in moonlight and all was still, save for a single shadow moving quickly across the grass.

Lady Leonora was on a mission.

Her satin slippers were soaked with dew and her thin shawl did little to keep out the night chill. But she pressed on, heading towards the maze on the eastern side of the mansion. If all was well, her Radcliffe would be there waiting for her.

She thought the note was romantic, if not unusual for him.

Heart of the maze, midnight. Godspeed, Love.

The masked man grabbed her before she could even scream.


29 thoughts on “Moonlight Rendezvous

  1. Ooh, a turn for the worse. Some nice imagery here. Still can’t figure out what “all was still save” means; can’t find ‘save’ as an adj. in the dictionary…

  2. ‘Save for a single shadow’ is lovely…(poetic/literary for except. Might be a Brit English usage thing?) and slightly archaic therefore suitable to the setting of the mansion.

    I thought at first this was sinister and now I’ve decided it’s comically romantic. (The difficulties of a mere 100 words!) I think the beautifully named Leonora knew (even if she didn’t know she knew) her masked man…
    Good luck to them both.

    1. Hmm, I’ve never thought about it, MJL. It might be a British thing (I find that some British (as well as archaic) terms worm their way into my vocabulary, the result of reading so much Brit lit.)

      Thank you. I love your interpretation of this. It opens up even more possibilities for what happens next. Thank you for reading!

    1. Thanks Amy! I think she will. This masked man is probably just out for a ransom…or maybe it’s a jealous Lord who doesn’t like her affections for “Radcliffe.” Hmm, I might just have to expand on this one!

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