Sixth on the Sixth – February 2015

It’s the sixth already? Where has the time gone?

Six on the Sixth Logo created by Adam Ickes.
Six on the Sixth Logo created by Adam Ickes.

Once again it is time for our Six Word Stories, and this month Adam is back to give us a prompt! Yay! Our prompt words are: Aardvark, Apple, Truck, Kill, Left, and Paper.

So without further ado here are my entries for this month:

Into the Wild

First date, trip to the zoo.


Soft and Sweet

First kiss, it tasted like apples.


Unexplainable Fact

He’s sexier driving the red truck.


Dressed to Kill

That dress takes his breath away.


The Next Level

One more step, and it’s forever.


The License

Their names look best put together.


10 thoughts on “Sixth on the Sixth – February 2015

    1. I thought so too. It was funny, because I thought of this story on the way to work this morning. So I was driving down the interstate chanting that to myself so I wouldn’t forget before I got to work to write it down… fun stuff!

  1. All of them are amazing! My favorite, however, is the kiss that tastes like apples. It so sweet and innocent, and it reminds me of childhood crushes and first, stolen kisses.
    One more step and it’s forever evoked an image of newlyweds at the altar, tying the knot. Though I’m indecisive if I see it as something positive or negative…Probably both.

    1. Thank you, Fabi! I used inspiration from my own life and dreams for these. 🙂 The kisses one does seem to be a favorite!
      Oh I am a romantic at heart…I definitely see the last two as positive, the beginning of a new grand adventure. 🙂

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