A House, Not A Home

Happy Friday, my faithful readers! It’s time once again for Friday Fictioneers! Today’s photo is provided by our lovely host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Enjoy my story, and check out other entries here.

Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
A House, Not A Home

The white plastic of the front porch swing sticks to my sweaty legs. Instead of the chirping sound of the cicadas in the locust trees, I hear the sound of the neighbor’s terrier barking and the rumble of passing cars on our street.

“Lily, you’ll love living in the suburb. Our new home is bigger. We even have a pool!” Daddy’s words echo in my head.

The air is different here. Thicker. I imagine myself suffocating slowly while the surrounding pastel houses box me in. Daddy says this is our new home. But he’s wrong. This will never be home.


30 thoughts on “A House, Not A Home

  1. I know how she feels. My last place was “temporary” (nearly 6 years) and was never “home” – “home was my parents’ house. Now my house actually is my home and I hope your narrator finds hers.

    1. Perhaps the move to the suburb is only temporary. Things can seem so dramatic and final as a child, but even as an adult I think I would react the same way she is if I were forced to move from the country to the city!

    1. Thank you! I only had to move once, when I was very little, and before I was in school. So thankfully I looked at it as a new adventure. But if I had to move now, away from my countryside, I think I would feel a lot like this.

    1. Perhaps she will. She’d definitely be a lot happier without all that hate and anger. But I sense she is young, and it would be many years before she could move back on her own to her beloved countryside.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. You paint some great pictures. The plastic seat is very telling.
    But each to his own – I grew up in a tiny village and hated it and made sure my children grew up in the burbs with traffic and shops and a school not a long bus ride away and most of all other people!
    Perhaps you’re character will meet a friend…

    1. Perhaps. Lily’s feelings would be my feelings if I had been forced to move to the suburbs…but then again I had five siblings to play with…plenty of friends wherever I went!
      Thanks for reading.

  3. Dear Tiffany,

    I was raised in the suburbs. I can see how she Lily feel like that moving from the country. Every house on our block was on one of two floor plans. Although if my house had a pool…

    Nicely done.



    1. Rochelle,
      Thanks for your kind words. I am thoroughly a country girl (no offense to those city folks!) Not even a pool could have swayed me as a kid.
      Thanks for reading!

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