Can I Have Your Order Please?

Welcome to Tuesday, dear Readers. Today the Daily Prompt caught my eye and I couldn’t help but answer it.

You’re being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Assuming my captivity will be of some duration, I must think carefully about this. It is quite considerate of my captors really, to ask me what I’d like to eat. Hopefully I chose well:

1. Tea. If I get nothing else, I must have tea. Non-negotiable.

Via Pinterest.
Via Pinterest.

2. Fresh fruit, preferably heavy on the strawberries. Is it cheating not to be specific?

Via Pinterest.
Via Pinterest.

3. Cottage cheese. Seriously. I love this stuff.

Via Pinterest.
Via Pinterest.

4. Pasta. I debated for a long while over this one, and I was really leaning towards bread instead. But again, I’m not being specific so maybe they’ll give me a variety?

Via Pinterest.
Via Pinterest.

5. Chicken. I figure I have to have at least one meat. And I do love chicken. So many ways to cook it! (hopefully they would give it to me cooked or ready to be cooked…I don’t want to deal with live ones!)

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest.

Before I go, let it be noted that when I first read this prompt my thoughts first went to my boyfriend, and I know without a doubt one of the things he would choose is sushi. (Gross! But I love you, Ryan.)

What would you choose?



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