Tiffany Times Three

WordPress asks:

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Now this is a really fascinating prompt, especially since it is actually a fairly regular topic of conversation with my boyfriend. So let’s play pretend:

It’s happened. The day has come. Through the miracle of science or the mystery of magic, I have been cloned. There are now three versions of myself – exact copies. What will I do with them? Let’s make a list:

Photo on 2014-06-10 at 08.37

Tiffany Prime: The Original, The Creator. This Tiffany will spend time with the family, visit friends and hang out with my (our?) boyfriend. We’ll play video games with the boys, go shopping and giggle with the girls, help Mom around the house, watch TV with Dad, go on dates with Ryan, go and see my (our) friends. All will share my love and attention.

Photo on 2014-01-13 at 14.53

Tiffany II: The Worker, The Designer. This Tiffany will go to work for me everyday and pick up all my freelance design projects. She might also pick up and side jobs I find myself volunteering for.


Tiffany III: The Artist, The Writer. This Tiffany shall write. She will work on and finish my novel(s), keep my blog updated, read good books, practice poetry, attend art classes and spend way too much time on Pinterest. She will work on all those creative projects I have started but never finished and improve my (our) drawing skills.

The Power of Three

I will not make our jobs exclusive. We can switch it up or pitch in where we’re needed (like spending time with both the family (movie night) and Ryan (date night)). Or pick up double shifts at work (do we get paid double?). And, if he is very lucky, perhaps the three of us will all go on a date with Ryan. 😉


What would you do if you could clone yourself?


Tell me what you think!

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