Faerie Ring

Post number two for today is the weekly-awaited, Friday Fictioneers! As always, thanks to Rochelle for providing the prompt, and a special thanks to Erin Leary for today’s photo. If you like my story, you can find more responses to this prompt here. Happy Reading!

Copyright: Erin Leary
Copyright: Erin Leary
Faerie Ring

“Don’t be such a baby, Tim.”

“Remember what happened to Kelly? We should have at least brought an offering.”

Iris snorted. “What good would a bit of bread and milk do? The faerie ring will keep us safe. We’ll make our wish and go.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works…”

“Shh! There it is!” Iris pushed past Tim and leapt into the small ring of white toadstools. Immediately the air around her rustled and grew colder.

Tim hesitated. “Iris…”

She didn’t hear him. She was looking at the dancing lights.


17 thoughts on “Faerie Ring

  1. I like this. Suspenseful, open-ended snatch from a larger tale I’ve love to read. I suspect they should have brought an offering, those folks and that the dancing lights don’t auger well for the lack of it. 🙂

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