In The Mood

Hi Readers! Sorry for my short absence. I missed a fabulous Friday Fictioneers photo prompt last week, but I won’t let you down this week! As usual, thanks to Rochelle for continuing to inspire us with prompts, and this week thanks to David Stewart for providing the story. Enjoy my story, and find more stories prompted by this photo here!

Copyright: David Stewart
Copyright: David Stewart
In The Mood

“Don’t cry Sweetheart, it’s our wedding day.” Max kissed the corners of his bride’s eyes and held her in his arms as they swayed to the jazzy music.

“Grandpa loved the Glenn Miller band,” Linda whispered. “I just wish he was here.”

He followed Linda’s gaze to the gazebo holding the band and her grandma, standing not far away. He steered them over to the old woman and pulled her over to his other side. “No one should be standing still during this song!”

When both women smiled he said, “See? Your grandpa is here, alive in his favorite music.”


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