White As Snow

Happy Friday, Readers! Sorry if you missed me last week. Things got a little crazy, and inspiration fled from me. But I am back this week with another Friday Fictioneers! As ever, thanks to Rochelle, our host, and this week special thanks to Douglas M. MacIlroy for providing the photo prompt. Enjoy my story below and don’t forget to check out other stories inspired by this photo here.

Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy
Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy
White As Snow

Callum often wondered what he did to deserve his wife.

She was undeniably gorgeous. Long, wavy black hair, full pink lips, curvy, graceful figure and soft, unblemished skin white as snow. Her smile was dazzling when she bestowed it, and she did often.

Unfortunately, her beauty didn’t come with brains.

It was driving Callum over the edge.

Fruit was scarce in the wintertime, but Callum was motivated. He couldn’t find any apples, but the special-order strawberries worked well enough. He didn’t even have to make up a story about wishes or true love.

But was she dead or merely sleeping?


27 thoughts on “White As Snow

  1. Yes, I can well imagine how living with a brainless beauty could drive you up the wall, especially when you live in such a desolate place. Perhaps murdering her would be going a bit too far, though. I love the reference to the Snow White story. Apples or strawberries … what did it matter?

      1. Actually, no because :
        Fruit was scarCe in the wintertime,
        is what I meant?

        But it may be that I misunderstood the image or pun.
        Good day, Tay.

      2. Haha I feel like a fool. Literally just hit me what you meant, and I fixed it for real! Hope you’ll forgive me, and thank for being such a diligent reader. 🙂

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