The Tracker’s Daughter

Good morning, Readers! Better late than never…it’s time for Friday Fictioneers (on a Saturday). Hosted by our lovely Rochelle, this week our photo prompt is provided by Dee Lovering. If you enjoy my story, be sure to check out other stories inspired by this prompt here!

Copyright: Dee Lovering


The Tracker’s Daughter

Marisol wove through the crowd of tourists bustling around the bay. She smiled, but clutched her leather knapsack as though her life depended on it.

She scanned the crowd. Her heart skipped beat as she caught sight of a man in blue headed her way. If asked to describe him later, she knew she would only have the vaguest memory of him.

That’s how Trackers worked. They were made to be forgettable. Their prey almost never saw them coming.

Fortunately, Marisol had an advantage. If she wanted to stay alive, she’d have to use it.

She was a Tracker’s daughter.



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