Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

This week’s photo challenge is enveloped. When I saw this prompt, I knew exactly what picture I wanted to use. It’s from a while back, when I graduated high school, and I love it. The picture is of me and my brother Ben in a perfect hug – or perhaps I should say enveloped in a perfect hug. Enjoy!

Sibling love!
Sibling love!



8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

      1. I am indeed. Life if splendid. Work is insane, but the days fly by since we’re so busy, my little sisters are graduating high school, and the whole family is getting ready for a beach vacation. How about you, Professor? How’s life treating you?

      2. Congratulations to your sisters! That’s a milestone. And a beach vacation sounds superb! Definitely play some volleyball. I’m about to compete in a guitar competition, can you believe. Lots of practice.

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