No Bones About It

Happy Friday, my dear Readers! It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, our weekly short story prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week our fascinating photo is provided by Douglas M. McIlroy. Thank you! Enjoy my story below, and check out some other stories inspired by this prompt here.

Copyright: Douglas M. McIlroy
Copyright: Douglas M. McIlroy

No Bones About It

“I thought you said everything was dead on this planet!” shouted Ruby ducking past the branches of a withered tree.

“Does that thing look alive to you?” Emmett shouted back, hot on her heels.

Ruby glanced back at the skeletal monster tailing them. It’s skull was long and pointed with large, gaping eye sockets and razor sharp teeth, several inches long. She had no idea what was keeping the bleached bones together, never mind how it was chasing them with no visible muscles of any kind. At Ruby’s look it growled.

She doubled speed. “I’m picking the planet next time!”

29 thoughts on “No Bones About It

  1. Poor Emmett. Through no fault of his own, he can expect sleeping on the couch and cold showers for the near future.,, If they manage to escape at all!

  2. What a fun adventure… after they escaped it, which they doubtlessly will. Judging other life forms after one’s own never gets you anywhere, Emmett should remember this.

    1. Oh yes. There may be more danger ahead and an awful lot of running, but they’ll escape…I think Emmett will have learned his lesson. Until next time, that is! Thanks for reading.

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