Legends Tell

Whoa, Sunday already? Where does the time go? I hope you’ll forgive me, dear Readers, for posting  Friday Fictioneers, (our weekly short story prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields) a couple days late. This week’s excellent photo, which I like very much, is provided by C. Hase. Enjoy!

Copyright: C. Hase
Copyright: C. Hase

Legends Tell

“Legend says a great warrior, maybe even a god, captured a terrible beast and trapped it under the sea.”

“That’s nonsense, Gael. Those chains were put there to keep out invaders.”

“You believe that?” Gael sniffed as she carefully climbed over the barnacle encrusted chains. The links were easily as wide as either of the girls’ thighs and if stood on end, half their height.

Above the din of the waves, a moaning sound crept over the water. Gael looked over her shoulder at Mo, smirking.

“If there’s no beast then tell me: what’s that whimpering under the Whimpering Sea?”


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