The Return

Well Readers, I’m late again. Friday Fictioneers has arrived and passed, but I hope it isn’t too late to give you my story. I’ve decided to revisit an early story of mine called Lost Dreams for this one. I always knew there was more to Nina’s story. Here’s a little glimpse of it.

As always, special thanks to Rochelle for providing the prompt, and this week to Raina Ng for the photo. Enjoy!

Copyright Raina Ng
Copyright Raina Ng

The Return

Nina hummed quietly while she prepared tea in the kitchen. The doorbell rang and she yelled over her shoulder, “Come in!” Mom’s early, she thought.

Nina froze when she turned around. The woman standing in her kitchen was not her mother. Nina glanced guiltily at the shelves filled with odds and ends covering her walls before looking back to the woman, who was smiling.

“Ms. Bethel,” Nina said. “It’s been a long time.”

“Too long, dearie.” She nodded towards the shelves. “Your gift has grown stronger.”

Nina swallowed. “Why are you here?”

“I need your help. The Regretfuls have returned.”


5 thoughts on “The Return

    1. Thanks! And no, I don’t think you would. Remember my story a few weeks ago called “Life Unlived?” That guy is a Regretful.
      This may or may not develop into something bigger. I’m still sorting out all the details.

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