War Orphan

Happy Friday, Readers! It’s time for Friday Fictioneers!

Special thanks to Rochelle for providing the prompt and Jean L. Hays for supply this week’s photo.


Copyright Jean L. Hays.
Copyright Jean L. Hays.

War Orphan

Captain Burk sputtered in shock. “Lieutenant! What were you thinking?” he roared. The lieutenant flinched. The ground shook beneath their feet and both men turned to see a towering toddler fall to the ground, dust curling around his bottom.

“It’s a giant!”

He’s a baby,” Lieutenant Orville snapped. “Sir.”

“Baby or not, he’s large enough to level a town and you’re just letting him…play in the dirt!

“Vroom, vroom” a voice above their heads rumbled. The toddler was pushing old derby cars around like toys.

“We have to start ending the war somewhere,” Orville paused. “Why not with him?”


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