Echo In My Heart

I’m a day late, but there is still time for Friday Fictioneers! Time for a little story of 100 words inspired by Rochelle’s prompt. This week we thank Stephen Baum for the photo. Enjoy my story!

Copyright: Stephen Baum
Copyright: Stephen Baum

Echo In My Heart

“I think the rain stopped.”

“So?” Jason didn’t even glance at the end of the tunnel, where I could see soft yellow light glowing. I looked up to find him gazing intently at me. A smile crept unbidden across my face.

“We can keep walking now.”

“And miss out on this quiet moment?” Jason said, still watching me. I felt a blush coming on.

A sudden madness seized me. “Quiet? Never!” I shouted, my voice echoing down the tunnel. “I’m loud!”

Jason laughed. “So that’s it then? I love you, Brittany!” he shouted.

“I love you too,” I echoed back.


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