Looks Like I’m The Queen

It’s time again, Readers. Time for Friday Fictioneers! You know the drill. Rochelle provides the prompts, we bloggers respond with 100 word stories. Check out other awesome stories here. Special thanks to Dee Lovering for the photo. Enjoy!

Copyright: Dee Lovering
Copyright: Dee Lovering

Looks Like I’m The Queen

“I think you’ve taken this Frozen theme thing just a little too far, Jess,” said her husband.

“What? No! And it’s Elsa for today, dear. Elsa. Not Jess.”

He shook his head. “I think Krissy would be just as happy without all this…” He waved a hand at the surrounding splendor. “Nonsense.”

Jess whirled around, almost dropping the string of white lights she was holding. She tipped vicariously in her silver heels. “Nonsense? Frozen is Krissy’s favorite! Nothing’s too much for my baby girl.”

Her husband pointed towards the window. “Well the snow was a bit much, don’t you think?”


** Frozen belongs to Disney. I just borrowed it for fun. Did anyone notice anything about the title?


6 thoughts on “Looks Like I’m The Queen

  1. The lengths people go to for their children! Thanks, Disney 🙂 Or for me, “Once Upon a Time”, which is the only place I know the “Frozen” characters from!

    1. Oh I know! But it’s not all bad. 🙂 Oh really? But I think we’ve talked about you watching OUAT before. So happy to find another fan…and I can’t wait for Season 5 to start!

      1. I’ll be a bit behind as I need to wait until it gets to Netflix UK 😦 One of our terrestrial channels used to show it around the same time as in the US, but it got too expensive so they dropped it after series 2 (I’ve since watched the rest on Netflix).

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