A Curious Little Witch

Happy Friday, Readers! Cutting it close to the wire, but there’s still time for Friday Fictioneers, our weekly short story prompt hosted by the lovely Rochelle. This week’s photo is provided by G.L. MacMillan. Special thanks to them! If you enjoy my story, check out some other responses to this prompt here.

Copyright: G.L. MacMillan
Copyright: G.L. MacMillan

Because children are curious. And children who are also witches happen to be extra curious. And even Nanas have a few secrets.

A Curious Little Witch

Rosalina gazed at the rows of colored glass bottles glittering in the setting sunlight. “Why do you keep them, Nana?”

“To remember.”

“Remember what?”

Nana laughed. “The better question is who, my dear child. Who.”

Rosalinda quirked her head. “Who?” she repeated. “Is that why they whisper?”

Nana smiled proudly. “Exactly so.”

Rosalinda sighed. “They sound so pretty.”

“Hmm, yes. So they do. Menfolk are charming and pretty when they want to be. Remember that, Rosa.”

Rosalinda nodded. “Is that why you put them in a bottle?”

“That’s enough chatter. Little witches have lots chores to do. Off with you!”


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