Moving Pictures

Happy Friday, Readers! Did you miss me? Time got away from me last week, but never fear, I wouldn’t miss two Friday Fictioneers for the world! As always, special thanks to Rochelle for hosting us, and this week to C. E. Ayr for the photo. Enjoy!

Copyright: C. E. Ayr
Copyright: C. E. Ayr

Moving Pictures

“I’m telling you Thomas, it moved.”
Her brother scowled. “Don’t be daft, Josie. It’s a painting, not a window. Come on!” He dragged her forward along the sidewalk.

She stumbled, still craning her neck to see the ocean graffiti on the crumbling building wall behind them. “But…”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Look.” He marched up to the wall. “It’s just a painting, see?” He reached up to slap the painting…

And his arm passed straight through it.
Yelping, he pulled his now soaking wet arm back and stared as a whale swam right before his eyes.
Josie beamed. “Told ya.”

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