Quick Getaway

Happy Friday, Readers! We made it! And now it’s time for Friday Fictioneers! Thanks as always, to the wonderful Rochelle for providing the prompt and gathering us all together. This we give thanks to Claire Fuller for our interesting photo!

Copyright: Claire Fuller
Copyright: Claire Fuller

Quick Getaway

Alarms sounded and lights flashed overhead. “Come on, Percy!” drake bellowed, pushing the small soldier forwards down the hall.

“B-but we’re in the vaults! We’ll be trapped!” Percy shouted.

“Not if we chose the right vault,” Drake said with a grin, halting in front of a blue door covered in alien markings. He yanked it open. Percy followed him in and stopped dead.

There, in the middle of the vast room, was a spaceship. He inched towards it, only to be stopped by Drake.

“Wrong one.” He slapped a metal band around Percy’s wrist. “Teleport.” Drake winked, and was gone.


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