Six on the Six – Jan 2016

Continuing to get back into the swing of things, I’m back with more Six Word Stories, inspired by Adam Ickes’ prompt. Thank you Adam, for today’s inspiration.

By Adam Ickes.
By Adam Ickes.

The six prompt words for today are: Wrong, Cap, Splendid, Cantankerous, Torn and Unfurl.

Enjoy my six word stories below.


Prove Them Wrong

She’ll sink, they said. She didn’t.


Set Your Cap

Admiral’s wife; sounded swell to her.


Resplendent Glory

Her maiden voyage was smooth sailing.


Hurricane Husband

Each day she weathered his tempers.



A telegram came. She shredded it.


Wind In The Sails

She would follow wherever he went.

6 thoughts on “Six on the Six – Jan 2016

  1. Excellent tales you have woven, Tiffany. Glad to have you back aboard. Thanks for putting the wind back in my sails. I’d almost forgotten to post a prompt this month with all of the holiday confusion and whatnot.

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