Sodden Safari

Happy Friday, Readers! We made it, and now it’s time for Friday Fictioneers. Many thanks to Rochelle for providing us with the prompt, and this week thank you to Erin Leary, who provided the photo. Enjoy!

Copyright: Erin Leary
Copyright: Erin Leary

Sodden Safari

“Remind me again why we’re crossing the marshes instead of going around?” Jude was wet through to the bone and hungry.

“Few know their way through these marshes,” Erza, his wizard guide, said serenely. He didn’t seem to be affected by the damp or the fact that they hadn’t eaten since dawn, which now that the sun was beginning to sink below the horizon, was ages ago. “Going around the marshes is miles and miles longer and fraught with dangers.”

Jude ducked as an enormous dragonfly swooped over his head, nearly knocking him over.

“I’ll take my chances next time.”


4 thoughts on “Sodden Safari

  1. It’s all right for Erza – I’m sure he has wizardly protections against giant dragonflies and the like! I hope Jude makes it in one (not too hungry) piece.

  2. For some reason this reminded me of the crossing of the marshes in The Lord of The Rings. I was almost expecting Erza to go, ‘Few know their way through these marshes, my precious.’

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