Simple Joy

Hello, Readers.

It’s been a while. Have you missed me? I’ve certainly missed Friday Fictioneers. Today I’m back, with a story response to Rochelle‘s weekly prompt and 100 word story challenge. Hopefully I’m not too rusty. This week our photo is provided by Vijaya Sundaram.


Copyright: Vijaya Sundaram

Simple Joy

We piled into the attic, our bare feet scuffing along the dusty floor. All seven of us, including baby Jim. Ellie was holding him. He was quiet for once, happy being held.

The twins giggled and whispered amongst themselves and Sarah shushed them, lest we wake up Father, who was passed out in the room below. Mama was out, with no telling when she’d come back.

After much wriggling and shuffling about, we managed to sit in a way so everyone could see out of the dingy attic window. Then the fireworks started and simple joy shone on every face.



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