Long Live the King

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Found via Pinterest.
Found via Pinterest.

Long Live the King

The queen of Drasta was a patient woman.

So patient, in fact, that she didn’t run back down the aisle in hysteric tears when the king forgot her first name at their wedding ceremony. She simply reminded him and the ceremony continued.

When the king postponed their wedding tour of the continent, she didn’t make a fuss, just set to rearranging plans immediately. They would make their tour eventually, she knew. Probably someday. Or maybe not.

At every meal she gently reminded him to chew with his mouth closed, but he never seemed to hear her. Still, she knew  it would sink in after a while. He was the king after all, and manners mattered. Five years of marriage later and she was still waiting for it to sink in.

Day after day the queen patiently ruled beside her king and husband, listening to his monologues on hunting and horse racing, dealing with his tantrums when one of his new policies didn’t go over like he had planned, nodding sympathetically when he complained about never getting a break, looking over his official documents for errors, making sure the kitchen always prepared his favorite meals (even though she knew he would chew them with his mouth open), and so on. She tended to his every need with a patient smile, and the days passed in their (mostly) peaceful kingdom.

She was sitting in her parlor when it happened. Tea had been served, and she was chatting quietly with a few of her attending ladies.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Have you heard the terrible news?” Her attendant, Lady Milred rushed into the room, barely dipping into the customary curtsy. Her cheeks were bright pink, her chest heaving and her hat was falling off her head. She was completely flustered. The queen waited patiently as Lady Mildred fanned herself, frantically trying to compose herself with little success. She gave her queen a look of anguish. “Oh your Majesty, I am deeply sorry to tell you this, but the king has been…has been…” Lady Milred trailed off.

“Yes, Lady Milred? The king has been what?” the queen prompted. The king and his men were currently conquering a neighboring kingdom in the south, and any number of things could have happened to him.

“Oh my, Your Majesty…he has been beheaded!” cried Lady Mildred, fanning herself furiously again. All the other ladies gasped. One even burst into tears.

The queen blinked. “Oh, is that all?”

Lady Mildred gaped at her queen.

“Do close your mouth, Mildred, it isn’t ladylike,” the queen gentle chided her. She took a careful sip of her tea. “Never mind the king and his head. It never was his best feature anyway.”




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