What She Wanted

It’s Friday! Yay! Time again for Friday Fictioneers, the epic 100-word writing prompt hosted weekly by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thanks so much for also providing the photo as well, Rochelle!

I went a little over on today’s prompt. My story is actually 150 words, but try as I might, I just couldn’t edit it down any further. Hope you will enjoy it anyway. Thanks for reading!

Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

What She Wanted

 “Power outages all over the city….” The radio crackled with static. Alice lay on her bed in her new black dress, her makeup a bit smudged from tears that had rolled down her cheeks.

The front door opened and closed. Alice closed her eyes. Daniel had come. She heard him rustling around in the kitchen, but she still lay on the bed in the dark.

In a few minutes, Daniel poked his head inside her room. “Come here, beautiful,” he said with a smile. “I have a surprise for you.”

She followed him resignedly to the kitchen and saw the table lit by two kerosene lamps. A bowl of chips and salsa sat next to a plate of sliced apples and a bottle of wine. “It’s not the same as a fancy restaurant, but will you have dinner with me, Alice?”

Wordlessly Alice slipped her arms around him. “It’s perfect.”


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