Nothing But Sorrow

Happy 2017, Readers! How’s those New Year’s resolutions going so far? I’m doing okay with some of mine, and others not so much. One of them is to post once a week, which will most likely be Friday Fictioneers, and already I am a few days late! I hope you will forgive me.

As usual, I give special thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for continuing to provide all us crazy bloggers with an intriguing prompt each week. Also, we thank Sandra Crook for this week’s photo.

Enjoy the story! You can read more stories inspired by this prompt here.

Copyright: Sandra Crook
Copyright: Sandra Crook

Nothing But Sorrow

My eyes flicker open. For a few blessed moments, I feel nothing. Then the sorrow comes and crashes over me like a wave covering the shore, filling me from top to bottom, its weight settling in my stomach. Getting up is so hard.

“You need to eat something,” Mother tells me for the thousandth time. I can’t.

“You don’t need to help in the mill today,” says Father. But work is the only thing that can distract me from the pain.

It’s been one month since the Devil Men took Roy, and I’ve felt nothing but sorrow since.


8 thoughts on “Nothing But Sorrow

    1. Well Professor, I’m picturing a medieval fairy kingdom type setting. A vicious band of men and demons (called the Devil’s Men) have been stealing people from the villages – men, women and children. No one is spared! My narrator has lost someone – Roy – to these Devil Men. Her best friend. No one has ever come back from being taken, and so she is in despair…she needs some hope! Or maybe just the motivation to go after these Devil Men. (but it would be terribly dangerous). So she’ll probably need a daring hero to help her.

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