Light In The Darkness

Happy Monday, Readers! Hope everyone is having a good start to the week. It has been brought to my attention that my story from last week’s Friday Fictioneers has left some people *cough* Professor *cough* craving more details. Who is this sorrowful narrator? Who is Roy? Who are the Devil Men and why are they taking people?

Well I can’t promise all those questions will be answered (yet), but I thought I would give you just a bit more of the story based on today’s WordPress Daily Prompt: Shine.


Found on Pinterest.
Found on Pinterest.

Light In The Darkness

He rode into town yesterday, and the whole place has been in an uproar ever since. My little sister swooned whenever he was mentioned. “Isn’t he just dreamy, Stella?” she asked me. I had difficulty not rolling my eyes.

Griffin the Great, Lionheart, Hero of the Vale, Storm-Chaser, Shadow Destroyer. Those were just a few of his titles. My heart twinged then, because Roy would have loved being in the tavern, listening to the tales of Griffin the Great. He loved adventure.

“You can keep him,” I told her. She turned to argue with me, but was interrupted by a dirty little boy running up the street, shouting to every person he saw. He had come from outside the tavern. “Did you hear?” he cried, his eyes shining. “Griffin’s next quest is to find the Devil Men! He’s going to stop them!”

I dropped the basket I was holding. The words were ringing in my head. I hardly noticed my little sister, who had cried out when I dropped the basket. He’s going to find the Devil Men. Roy.

“I’m going with him,” I said.

My sister shouted after me, but I ignored her as I raced towards the tavern.


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