Days Past

Happy Friday Readers! To those of you eagerly awaiting Part II of “Must Be Magic” – I promise I will post it soon! Time just gets away from me sometimes. For now I’ll leave you with our weekly Friday Fictioneers story. Thanks to Rochelle for the posting the prompt and to Al Forbes for the photo. Enjoy!

Copyright: Al Forbes
Copyright: Al Forbes

Days Past

We’re traveling down the freeway when I see it. The old car is in beautiful condition, strapped to an open air trailer. My breath catches and I’m instantly transported sixty years back…

I was sixteen, he was nineteen. We played hooky from school and drove to the beach. He kissed me twice and gave me his class ring as a promise for days to come, long before any of us had any idea of the war to come.

“Grandma? What are you looking at?”

I smile at her and touch the ring on a chain at my neck. “Nothing, dear. Just thinking.”


*Confession: This story is actually 102 words, not the usual 100. This is because I just couldn’t trim it down any further. I’ll do better next time, I swear!


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