On The Wrong Foot

Happy Friday, Readers! I had some fun with this week’s Friday Fictioneers – there was so much more I wanted to write! Hope you will enjoy this snippet.

Copyright J Hardy Carroll

On The Wrong Foot

The thick iron gates of City Prime shut with a clang. Heavily armed guards barred the entrance. On either side stood massive scanners, some of the only “real” technology in the city. Val’s mechanical foot twitched as if sensing the scanner’s attention.

Cyborgs like Val were illegal in City Prime. In fact, most technology was. Ever since the Blackout and the AI War, the civil leaders mandated a “back to basics” way of life and the citizens were officially “unplugged.”

To save his sister, Val had to go in. He looked down. He would have to leave his foot behind.


Tell me what you think!

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