Tiffany has been in love with words since she was a little girl, reading road signs while riding in the car and listening to her mother read books to her with Voices. Almost as soon as she learned to write her name, she decided she would be a Writer when she Grew Up.

Nowadays she’s not so sure about Growing Up, but she still wants to be a Writer. When she isn’t writing, Tiffany likes to do many things, including but not limited to: read voraciously, graphic design (which is her job but is also fun), hang out in book shops (and buy too many books), make cookies, send mail mail, do crafty projects, spend time with her friends, and goof off with her family (spontaneous sibling dancing in the kitchen). Tiffany lives in Ohio, USA.


20 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you! What I love most about Graphic Design is that it is art meant to communicate. Traditional art expresses the thoughts and feelings of the artist, but a graphic designer has to create something that communicates something to a specific audience. It’s fun and interesting and a challenge! I love every minute of it. I hope you will do well with it as well!

      1. Yeah! You can spend so much time thinking of new little ides to get the main point across to the audience or such a quick second. It’s amazing how our brains work in response to art.
        Thank you! πŸ™‚

  1. Your wish will come true if there are a lot of emotions…
    I love the song of Cat Stevens:
    You can do what you want
    The opportunity’s on
    And if you find a new way
    You can do it today
    You can make it all true
    And you can make it undo
    You see, ah ah ah
    It’s easy, ah ah ah
    You only need to know

    And actually you already are a writer, arent you?

    I wonder if you have German ancestry – Metzger is a typical German familiy name!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Dear Tiffany,

    You have your priorities in the right places. Do not grow up too fast and beware of those who tell you to do otherwise. You already are a good writer. Now is the time to fine tune your skills and set yourself loose upon the world. I’ll be watching for you.



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