Are You With Me?

Hello, dear Readers! Is it really Friday already? This week has flown by! Time again for Friday Fictioneers, picking up Nick and Emmeline’s story where we left off last week with mysterious messages, someone named Constantine, and chatty receptionists.

Special thanks to Rochelle for providing the prompt and Janet Webb for the photo.


Copyright: Janet Webb

Are You With Me?

“Who’s Constantine?” The question was out of Nick’s mouth the moment he and Emmeline were in the elevator. “Em? Are you alright? Don’t say yes; you’re white as a ghost.”

Emmeline didn’t answer. She was staring up at the elevator’s ceiling, her lips moving in soundless words.

Nick frowned. “Em?”

Her hands clenched around the unread messages in her hands.

“Talk to me Em. What’s going on? Who is Constantine?”

Finally Emmeline looked at Nick, her face grave. “I’m very sorry Nicholas, but my life is about to get complicated and dangerous. I need to know. Are you with me?”


We Almost Lost It

Happy Friday, Readers! I’m back with another Friday Fictioneers story about Nick and Emmeline. If you are just joining us, you can catch up and start reading Nick and Emmeline’s story here.

As always, special thanks to Rochelle for providing us with our weekly prompt, and today we thank J. Hardy Carroll for the photo.


Copyright: J. Hardy Carroll

We Almost Lost It

 It was sudden. Hearing her voice, seeing her smile…it was like the floor disappeared beneath him. Nick set the coffee down heavily on the nearest available surface and half stumbled over to her bedside.

Silently Emmeline held out her hand for him to take. Gently Nick brought it to his lips. “I thought…” his voice cracked. “I thought I might lose you,” he said. He bowed his head, his breathing ragged.

“But you didn’t,” Emmeline said softly, giving his hand a weak squeeze.

“And I never told you…” Nick trailed off.

“Told me what, Nickolas?”

“I love you, Emmeline Price.”

Death Wears Cheap Leather

It’s Friday! It’s finally here! And that means it is once again time for Friday Fictioneers. Today’s photo prompt is provided by our very own Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who is the leader of our merry band of writers.

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Enjoy today’s story!

Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Death Wears Cheap Leather

If there were worse places to bleed to death, Lilah couldn’t think of any.

She lay on the dirty floor of an elevator, her hand pressed against the oozing bullet wound in her stomach.

I should have waited for backup, she thought dully. Black spots floated across her vision.

At least I took him with me. Lilah strained to see the body across from hers in the elevator. Sylvester Witherson wouldn’t be trafficking anymore women. She sighed and waited for the end.

When Death’s form finally appeared in the elevator, Lilah laughed. Death looked an awful lot like a prostitute.