The Good Life

Happy Friday! It’s a rainy one here in Ohio, USA. Perfect weather for writing! I’m getting my morning started with Friday Fictioneers, and gearing myself up to start a writing spree for April. Camp Nano (National Novel Writing Month) starts tomorrow! As I mentioned before, I’m going to be working on the adventures of Stella and Griffin, which all of you have been so faithfully reading these past months. Hopefully I’ll get a full-length story written!

For today’s writing prompt, I want to thank Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and Fatima Fakier Deria.

I went a little over the 100 word limit, but I couldn’t help myself. Got caught up in the moment.  Blame the romantic voice of Frank “Swoonatra.” Enjoy!

Copyright: Fatima Fakier Deria

The Good Life

“I don’t know how, but you’ve done it again, Emmy.” Nick looked with approval around the deck of The Good Life. Soft yellow strings of lights twinkled brightly in the fading sunlight. Ushers and servers bustled around the deck, preparing the buffet table and bar. Frank Sinatra crooned from the speakers overhead.

Emmeline smiled and looked away out over the horizon of Lake Michigan. Nick was at once captured by the beautiful picture she presented, her upswept hair haloed in the last rays of sunlight, her delicate shoulders displayed by the wide neckline of her navy blue dress and the tiny curve in the corner of her mouth that seemed to be waiting for a kiss.

The words were out of his mouth before he had even finished the thought. “Will you dance with me, Emmeline?”